Posted by: HER Officer | February 23, 2011

Comment on Archwilio. Beth yw’ch barn chi am Archwilio?

We want your feedback! We’re proud of Archwilio, please tell us what you think of it.

Rydym yn eisiau eich barn chi! Mynegi eich barn yma.



  1. Re talk by Jeff last night in Llangammarch Wells

    You have an entry 3050 Caer Dommen Motte (ex Theophilous Jones) located at 940 788 and a comment that it is mislocated or lost to the railway. Jones records it as “next to the ancient mansion of Caerau”

    You have an entry 87539 at 923 502 Caerau Fort, Motte, which is next to 20707 Caerau House.

    Seems to me almost certain that these are the same – T Jones having misplaced.

    From – Resident of the House T Jones lived in and wrote his book in

    • Thanks for your message David, you may be right there. I have added your comments to record 3050 suggesting that this is a mis-siting by Jones of record 50470 Caerau fort motte.
      Best wishes,
      HER Officer

  2. I’m looking for information on the Y Graig site near Abergavenny which according to the Abandoned Communities website has been the subject of a report by the Clwyd Powys Archaeological Trust Report number 515. I have
    tried their website but find the links there not working and so have come to you.
    My interest is personal family history. It looks possible that ancestors lived there and as I live about 30 minutes away am interested in visiting and researching

    • Dear Kate,
      Sorry to take so long to respond to your request. I have forwarded it to my colleague who deals with enquiries and she will send you a copy of CPAT report 515 by the end of the day. I hope it helps with your research.

  3. Very useful website thank you, i have found out more stuff around my local area 😀 few sites you may of missed but your the experts! so i dont know. very useful site..
    Olly Jones,

  4. Thanks Olly,
    We’d be happy to hear about new sites in your area if you’re willing to share your information with us.

  5. Roman Fort at Llanfair DC, Ruthin. There is no reference to the Roman Fort which was supposedly located NE of the Church at Llanfair DC. Also a Roman road which (according to my father) followed the eastern town boundary of Ruthin (now a farm track and public footpath) between Maes y Llan farm and Llanrhydd church. Has any research been done or is there any evidence of the existence of these sites?

  6. Resolution of pdf file makes it very difficult to read on a Samsung Galaxy mini. Homepage is hard to navigate as you can’t click links for comments and others below that.

    • Dear Stephen,
      Sorry for the delay in reponding to your comment. We are sorry you have found using Archwilio on your mobile device difficult. It was our first attempt at such a webpage and at the time were not thinking about its use on mobile devices. We hope to re-develop Archwilio in due course and are searching for the funding to enable us to do this.
      Best wishes, CPAT

  7. is the app going to be available for the iPhone?

    • Dear David,
      We are sorry that the Archwilio app is not available for iPhone at the moment. We hope to develop an iPhone version in due course and are searching for the funding to enable us to do this.
      Best wishes, CPAT

  8. I had the Archwilio app on my old phone, and on getting a new phone my first action was to try to download it again. It seems to have disappeared from the app store. Why?

    • Dear Philip,
      Thanks for your blog post, yes it seems the Archwilio App has temporarily disappeared from the Google Play Store. We will look into this, however, it may take a day or two as the member of staff who set it up is currently off sick. We will let you know as soon as it’s fixed. Sorry for the inconvenience.
      Best wishes, CPAT

    • Dear Philip,
      I am delighted to be able to let you know that at long last the Archwilio Android app is once again available to download for free from the Google Play store.

      Download it here –

      It appears that its absence from the Play store was down to an issue caused by Google introducing new terms and conditions for developers of apps on the Google Play store. This has now been resolved, but we are very sorry for the inconvenience and frustration this may have caused and hope you are still interested in downloading and making use of the Archwilio app.

      I would be very happy to hear back from you about your experience of downloading and using the app, or about the data content.

      With best wishes,
      Jeff Spencer (HER Officer, CPAT)

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