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CPAT’s Regional Historic Environment Record (HER) is a database and archive of information about sites of archaeological and historical interest within the Clwyd-Powys area.



  1. When will the Archwilio app be available for the iPhone?

    • Dear Robert,
      Many apologies for not responding to your email in 2013.
      While it is a wish of the Welsh Archaeological Trusts to develop a version of the Archwilio App for the iPhone grant aid was only available to produce an Android version. We hope to access the funds to develop other versions in the future but are unable to say when this might happen.
      With best wishes,
      Jeff Spencer (HER Officer)

  2. Hello, Just found out about the Archwilio app for my phone but cannot find it ?? Is this still available ??

    Hope you can help me.

    • Dear Rosemarie,
      I’m very sorry for not responding to your post at the time, I hope you are still interested in the Archwilio App.

      The App can be downloaded from the Google Play site –

      Lack of funding means that there is only an Android version at the present time, not Windows or Apple. We hope to develop alternative versions, but this is dependent on new funding,

      With best wishes,
      Jeff Spencer (HER Officer)

    • Dear Rosemarie,
      I am delighted to be able to let you know that at long last the Archwilio Android app is once again available to download for free from the Google Play store.

      Download it here –

      It appears that its absence from the Play store was down to an issue caused by Google introducing new terms and conditions for developers of apps on the Google Play store. This has now been resolved, but we are very sorry for the inconvenience and frustration this may have caused and hope you are still interested in downloading and making use of the Archwilio app.

      I would be very happy to hear back from you about your experience of downloading and using the app, or about the data content.

      With best wishes,
      Jeff Spencer (HER Officer, CPAT)

  3. Hi I would like to get Arch Wilio for my Nokia Windows 8 phone. Is it available? Thanks.

    • Dear Chris,
      I’m afraid the App is Android only at the moment as we would need to do some fund raising to create Windows and Apple versions. However, the four Trusts are logging enquiries such as yours in order to demonstrate demand.
      Thanks for your post.
      Best wishes,
      Jeff Spencer (HER Officer)

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